Basingstoke and Deane: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: 2rd April

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Down Grange track closure

Tomorrow (Friday 3 April) we will be temporarily closing our athletics track at Down Grange in line with the government’s latest guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Despite the closure of play areas and outdoor equipment, residents have still been able to enjoy a daily walk or run at a safe distance from others to get essential exercise in the borough’s parks and playing fields.

Down Grange athletics track has remained open for individuals to exercise. However we have seen an increase in the number of people using it. It is now being temporarily closed to protect people while taking their daily exercise.

Our Safe Space campaign is encouraging people to exercise safely if cycling, running or walking by keeping at least two metres away from each other. Our community safety patrol officers are working closely with the police and taking appropriate action to break up any gatherings in public areas. 

‘Be fair on bonfires and noise’ message as people stay at home 

Be a thoughtful and fair neighbour - that’s the message from our environmental health team to residents while they stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The team is asking people to act more thoughtfully towards their neighbours and consider whether the noise from their home could be causing problems and upset to others. For the same reason, the team is also urging people to be more tolerant and patient with noise and activity that they won't be used to hearing. We all need to show good will at this time. 

The team is also urging people not to have any bonfires because of the problems smoke will be likely to cause their neighbours. Anyone who is tempted to have a bonfire is asked to think again because of the impact of filling the air with smoke, particularly as a neighbour could be unwell. 

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Food only at Top of the Town market 

In accordance with government guidance, Basingstoke Market is continuing to operate but is selling food items only such as fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and farm produce.

All traders are complying with social distancing measures and will be reminding customers to do so as well. The market will be supervised at all times by Hughmark, who can be contacted via the market’s Facebook page

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