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Bramley Lane junction improvement scheme

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Bramley Parish Council has been working closely with both Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and Hampshire County Council for over two years now on a ‘Safe Route to School’ project.  Funding for this project has come primarily from the Local Infrastructure Fund managed by the Borough Council, S106 monies from Hampshire County Council, and Bramley Parish Council is also providing some funding.  A major part of this project is the re-working of the junction between Bramley Lane and Sherfield Road.

This particular junction is very busy, particularly at school drop off and collection times, with some parents driving to and from the school, and others walking their children to and from school.  When the level crossing is down as well, there is an issue with cars trying to get out of Bramley Lane, and also with cars on Sherfield Road overtaking the queue for the level crossing so that they can go down Bramley Lane.

Plans for the junction improvements have two objectives: first, to provide a pedestrian refuge island on Sherfield Road east of the junction with Bramley Lane, and second, to widen the carriageway by modifying the north eastern kerb line and adjacent footway at the junction of Bramley Lane / Sherfield Road.

The refuge island would provide improved safety for pedestrians, in particular school children crossing the road between queuing cars, and who may fail to notice queue jumpers travelling on the wrong side of the road.

These works will also increase the junction corner radius and assist traffic exiting Bramley Lane wishing to turn left.  This left turn manoeuvre is currently restricted by those waiting to turn right when the level crossing is closed, and this change should accommodate these vehicles more readily, relieving the frequency of queue jumping behaviour.

Bramley Parish Council has consulted with the community via the Parish Magazine and the Council website, and has also consulted directly with the Bramley School.  Feedback received has been largely supportive, particularly from the School who are very keen to improve the safety of their pupils on their way to and from school.  Borough Ward Councillors and the County Ward Councillor have also been very supportive of this Bramley Parish Council initiative.

After much hard work by all the parties involved, the scheme reaches a key stage for approval this week with Hampshire Highways.

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