The code of conduct requires Parish Councillors to register and update specific financial and other interests within 28 days of election or co-option to the council. The relevant interests include the name of their employer, land ownership, business interests in the parish, and membership and positions of management in other organisations such as charities, trade unions and political parties.

Responsibility for completing and updating the mandatory register of interests lies with the Councillor. They should give a copy of the signed register of interests to the Parish Clerk/Proper Officer of the Council, who copies it to the Monitoring Officer at the principal authority. 

At a meeting, Parish Councillors must declare the existence and nature of any personal interest in business being considered before discussion of that item begins. In addition, if a member of the public (with knowledge of the relevant facts) might conclude that the judgement of the public interest could be prejudiced by a Parish Councillor’s interest, then the personal interest becomes a prejudicial interest. A Parish Councillor cannot then vote on the matter (unless they obtain a dispensation from the Proper Officer of the Parish Council) and if they have a prejudicial interest they must leave the meeting for the discussion and the vote. The declaration of interests at meetings is intended to give the public confidence in the council’s decision making. The agenda gives Parish Councillors an opportunity to declare an interest early in a meeting.

The principal authority for Bramley Parish Council is Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and they maintain the register of interests. Click here to see the Borough's pages



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