Health & Safety Policy



  1. The Council recognises and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, contractors and members of the public.
  2. The Council will meet its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and will provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, the resources necessary to fulfil this commitment.
  3. The Council will seek expert technical advice on health and safety to assist the Clerk in fulfilling its responsibilities for ensuring safe working conditions.



To provide as far as reasonably practicable:

  1. A safe place of work and safe working environment
  2. Suitable, safe and well-maintained plant, equipment, tools and materials for use at work
  3. Suitable guards and protective equipment for the safety and welfare of people at work
  4. Arrangements for safe use, handling, transport and storage of articles and substances
  5. Arrangements for considering, reporting and reviewing matters of health and safety at work, including regular risk assessments of working activities
  6. Systems of work which are safe and without risks to health
  7. Specialist technical advice and assistance on matters of health and safety when necessary
  8. Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for employees to carry out their work safely
  9. Consultation and cooperation between the Council, employees and contractors
  10. Care and attention to the health, safety and welfare of employees
  11. Care and attention to the health, safety and welfare of contractors and members of the public who may be affected by the council's activities



As the Council's Safety Officer, the Parish Clerk will:

  1. Keep him/herself informed of relevant health and safety policy
  2. Advise the Council on the resources and arrangements necessary to fulfil the Council's responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Policy
  3. Make effective arrangements to implement the Health and Safety at Work Policy
  4. Ensure that matters of health and safety are discussed at the full Council meetings
  5. Ensure that the Health and Safety at Work Policy is implemented
  6. Ensure that regular risk assessments are carried out of working practices, with subsequent consideration and review of any necessary corrective/protective measures
  7. Ensure that employees are properly informed, instructed, trained and supervised in matters of safety at work, including fire and emergency procedures
  8. Make effective arrangements to ensure that contractors working for or the Council comply with all reasonable health and safety at work requirements
  9. Ensure that work activities by the Council do not cause any risk to the health and safety of members of the public
  10. Monitor and report on fire drills and emergency evacuations
  11. Maintain a central record of notified accidents and report on trends and analyses
  12. Act as the contact and liaison point for the Health and Safety Inspectorate


As a line manager and supervisor, the Parish Clerk will:

  1. Continually assess the risks to the health and safety of employees and others, identify and implement any preventative and protective measures indicated by the risk assessments
  2. Keep the Council advised and informed of any matters of concern, of any resources necessary and of employees training needs.
  3. Provide adequate information, training and instruction for employees to enable them to do their job safely
  4. Ensure that all employees are properly supervised in matters of health and safety
  5. Ensure that all appropriate machine guards and safety devices are provided and correctly fitted, used and maintained
  6. Ensure that safe working systems, practices and procedures are implemented
  7. Ensure that adequate emergency procedures are in place and that employees are aware of them and understand them
  8. When an accident or hazardous incident occurs, take immediate action to prevent a recurrence or further accident and complete the necessary accident reporting procedure
  9. Ensure that all necessary warning signs and notices are displayed and regularly checked
  10. Ensure that all employees are provided with and use any necessary protective clothing
  11. Regularly check all plant, equipment, tools and materials to ensure that they are in sound condition and good working order and arrange for maintenance and repair as required
  12. Ensure that any hazardous substances are identified, and any necessary precautions taken in their use, handling, transportation and storage
  13. Regularly assess all manual handling practices and ensure that employees are adequately instructed and trained in their correct use
  14. Regularly assess any screen display equipment work stations, reduce any risks which are discovered and provide safe working equipment and working arrangements for such station
  15. Ensure that the working area is kept clean, and tidy with safe and unobstructed means of access and egress
  16. Ensure that the necessary first aid equipment is provided, kept topped up, expiry dates checked, clearly marked and readily available for use
  17. Ensure that his/her responsibilities for health and safety at work are adequately and properly delegated in his/her absence


All employees will:

  1. Cooperate fully with the aims and requirements of the Health and safety at Work Policy and comply with Codes of Practice or work instructions for health and safety
  2. Take reasonable care for their own health and safety and use personal protective clothing where provided and required
  3. Take reasonable care for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their activities at work
  4. Not intentionally interfere with or remove safety guards, safety devices or other equipment provided for health and safety
  5. Not misuse any plant, equipment tools or materials so as to cause risks to health and safety
  6. Keep fire exits and access to them free from obstruction
  7. Be aware of fire and emergency evacuation arrangements and obey fire drills and fire alarms accordingly
  8. Report any accidents or hazardous incidents to the Parish Clerk
  9. Comply with the Council's no smoking policy and welfare policies
  10. Report any defective equipment, tools, materials or plant to the Parish Clerk


This policy will be reviewed annually.

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