Submitting Comments on Planning Applications

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The Parish Council is just one consultee in the planning process and submits comments on planning applications as members of the public should. The one difference is that the Parish Council is listed as a Statutory Consultee and is notified about all planning applications within the Parish boundaries by default. Just because you haven’t been directly notified of a planning application does not prevent you from submitting comments.

The Local Planning Authority is required by law to undertake a period of public consultation prior to deciding a planning application. Other than non-major developments, planning applications are publicised in newspaper advertisements and via the Basingstoke planning website.

Anyone can respond to a planning application. 

 You can find the Basingstoke and Deane planning portal at 


Below you will find a poster that details the process of submitting comments on Planning Applications. 
(Clicking on either of the images below will also open the poster)


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